COVID museum experiences

A Journal of the Plague Year (JOTPY), an initiative designed to capture people’s experiences of life during the COVID-19 pandemic, has put out a call for submissions regarding museums’ responses to the pandemic.

While there is a great deal of excellent work being done by museums and other cultural institutions in response to both the pandemic and the not-unrelated Black Lives Matter protests, this moment has also made working in the cultural sector more difficult for many already precariously-employed individuals. It is just as important to document these struggles as it is to document cultural institutions’ successes.

Though A Journal of the Plague Year cannot directly collect anonymous submissions, it can receive donations of third-party anonymous surveys. To that end, please use this survey to document any experiences you would not feel comfortable sharing publicly as someone who works in (or would like to work in) a cultural institution during this time.

Responses will be compiled weekly. Check the Survey Results page each Wednesday for updates.

Click Here to take the survey. The survey was designed by ETS of JOTPY. If you are interested in knowing more, contact me.

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