Frameless Symposium – deadline 8/31/20

Decorative poster with blue background and dark grey and bright yellow geometric-shaped accents and dark grey, blue, and yellow font giving the date, time of event described here:

Topics of Interest: Almost anything involving XR and immersive technologies is within the scope of the symposium. Papers, talks, workshops, demos, installations, performances, works-in-progress, and flash talks may cover any of the following topics:

Technology and analysis (system design, displays, optics, engineering, perception)

  • Theoretical Foundations (approaches as well as theories and aesthetics of XR)
  • XR Practices and Case Studies involving game design, storytelling, theatre, artistic expression, documentary, museums and cultural heritage, and health and well-being
  • XR Studies and Education (as a discipline or method, in formal and informal education)
  • History and Impact (analysis, critical history, societal impact, and influence on contemporary culture)
  • Analyses and Evaluation of Systems (UI/UX, affect and emotion, presence and engagement)
  • Archiving and Preservation of XR experiences as well as the use of these technologies to preserve cultural heritage and archaeological sites. 
  • Universal Design, Accessibility, and Inclusion (embodiment, modality, empathy, and representation)
  • Public Interest Technology (XR design, product development, journalism, or content created for the common good, social justice, or to serve the public)

Please consider submitting an abstract even if your research area is not listed above, as we seek broad and inclusive approaches to the concepts and themes related to XR. Info here:

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